These values represent the vision of D-Group.

1. We are committed to knowing God. Knowing God is the most important thing in life. God created people fundamentally for relationship with himself. This relationship depends on knowing who He is as He has revealed Himself. God is personal, which means He has a mind, will, emotions, relational ability, and self-consciousness. Because He is personal, and not merely an impersonal object, God must personally reveal Himself to us. He has done this in general revelation (the world) and special revelation (the Word of God).

2. We are committed to knowing scripture. We believe scripture is a necessary tool for knowing God, loving others well, pursuing sanctification, and standing firm against the enemy.

3. We are committed to living out the truths revealed by God in Scripture. The authority of scripture is a guiding force in our lives. Because God is the ultimate author of the Bible, we seek His Spirit's help to yield our lives to His truth in thought, word, deed, and character.

4. We are not your church. D-Group does not exist to replace the church. We exist to be a supplement to membership and active participation at your local church. We want to honor the unique and primary calling of the Church.

5. We are committed to the local church. If you are not a member of a church, we ask that you focus your efforts on finding and joining a local church before becoming a member of D-Group. If you have difficulty finding a church, this is a resource we recommend.

6. We are passionate about gospel discipleship. We are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus because it brings honor to God and equips Christ-followers to be disciples and make disciples.

7. We are committed to Systematic Bible teaching. We are committed to teaching the whole counsel of God as revealed in the Bible.

8. We are committed to prayer. D-Group recognizes its dependence on the sovereign God and so is committed to prayer.

9. We are committed to service. D-Group desires to serve not only each other, but others within the family of God, and those outside the body of Christ. Our service is driven by a personal awareness of the grace of God, a love for people, and a desire to reveal the Gospel.

10. We are committed to multiplication. D-Group is committed to identifying and training people who will provide leadership for the Christian community by making disciples according to the fundamental truths and values listed here. We aim to plant groups from within groups, to raise up leaders from members, and to pursue change as it relates to spiritual growth.


D-Group is committed to a partnership in Christ-like love between leaders, members, churches, and other supporters in living under Christ's authority and preaching His message. Other helpful resources corresponding to our beliefs and values are linked on our Resources page.