How to Join

If you're interested in joining one of our D-Groups, please visit our Map and look for a D-Group in your area. The Leader will send you an "Intro To D-Group" video with more information, which should answer most of your questions.

If there's not a D-Group near you, and you're interested in starting one, please fill out the Leader Interest Form for more information on becoming a Leader. New Leader Training is a 6-step process, consisting of a few videos, a leader handbook, a testimonial and referral, and a brief phone/skype intrview with someone on our team. Most people are able to complete all 6 steps in 3-7 days.

There is a class/curriculum fee of $20 per 6-week session, which is WAIVED for all first-time members! Returning members submit their "Shares" prior to the Launch Party for each session (the first meeting of the 6-week period). Shares are how we pay the D-Group staff and interns (there are nearly 30 of us!), as well as keep things running smoothly for all the members! If you're interested, we've posted more info on Shares here.

Again, if you are NEW to D-Group, your Shares will be waived for the first session, so please feel free to join us without hesitation and find out what we're all about!