Joining A D-Group:

Leading a D-Group:



What are the requirements for joining a D-Group?

We have 4 requirements:

A) You must be 18+ years old OR no longer in high school. The reason we don't have high school students in D-Group is because we want to encourage you to participate in your church's student ministry. (However, if you want to lead a D-Group with your own child(ren) OR if you are the leader of a church small group who wants to do D-Group through your church, you would almost certainly be a fitting exception to this rule.) There is no upper age limit for D-Group. Sometimes we even see ages 18-65+ within the same D-Group, and we love that! Multi-generational groups are beneficial for everyone!
B) You must be a committed Christian. Since D-Group is “the CrossFit of Bible studies” (deeper and more rigorous than most), it's not a productive environment for someone who hasn't yet surrendered their life to follow Christ. Our “Requirements” page offers suggestions on what to do if you're curious about Christianity.
C) You must be committed. D-Group is highly structured, and your group will suffer if you aren't committed to doing the work and showing up.
D) You must be teachable. We aim to approach every study with joyful expectation that God will teach us something new about Himself and His Word, and that as a result, His Spirit will prompt repentance, change, and growth in our own lives. No matter how long you've known Jesus or how many times you've read the Bible, each of us has barely scratched the surface of knowing God, so we delight to get to know more of Him together each week!

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How do I find / join a D-Group?

Visit our “Find a D-Group” page to locate D-Group across the world. Enter your zip code or zoom in to get a closer view of what's available in your area. Blue pins indicate Men's D-Groups. Red pins indicate Women's D-Groups. Click on the pin to see the time / day that particular D-Group meets. If it works with your schedule, contact the leader (the leader's name and email will also show up when you click on the pin) to let them know you're interested. The leader will send you a short video with information about D-Group and our current study. You'll want to pay close attention to the video (and maybe even take notes). When you've finished watching the video, reply to the leader with the information requested in the video, then they can fill you in on the specifics of the next session launch and connect you with any necessary materials.

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What do I do if there's not a D-Group in my area?

If there's not a D-Group in your area, you can contact us about starting one! We have a 6-Step Leadership Track to equip you with everything you need to know to start and lead a D-Group!

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Can I do D-Group on my own?

Gospel-centered community is a Biblical concept, without which we can't adequately grow into healthy believers. Any time someone has aimed to undertake D-Group on their own, they've quickly grown discouraged. For that reason, we encourage people to find even just one other person to do D-Group with. We recognize there are circumstances (specifically outside the US) where it may be difficult to find even one other local committed Christian to study God's Word with; if you find yourself in that situation, please contact us.

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Where does D-Group meet? How long do the meetings last?

D-Group meets weekly in the home of someone in the D-Group (not necessarily the leader). Meetings last 2 hours, and we keep a tight schedule. We ask members to show up 5 minutes before the meeting starts, so D-Group can begin on time. Each D-Group chooses one member to be responsible for keeping things running on time and making sure D-Group ends on time, so the host isn't inconvenienced.

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Why can't I join D-Group in the middle of a session?

We close our sessions in order to promote group unity and prevent confusion. Many of the functions of the session are built on the 6-week commitment of that specific group of people, and those would be thrown off if new members were introduced or if current members dropped out. That's why we ask each member to weigh the commitment before joining. This also creates anticipation for the next session.

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Does D-Group break during the summer?

No. Even though the attendance tends to drop somewhat, we meet throughout the summer, but typically have a lighter curriculum. Previously, when groups have disbanded for the summer, people have neglected their walks with the Lord, gotten slack in Scripture reading, and as a result often have fallen into a pattern of sin and apathy that they have to climb out of when September rolls around. For this reason, it’s important to keep meeting throughout the summer. Our relationship with God knows no “breaks”, so our pursuit of it shouldn't either.

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I have a friend who is "seeking" but wouldn't call himself / herself a Christian. Can he / she join D-Group?

Since D-Group is “the CrossFit of Bible studies” (deeper and more rigorous than most), it's not a productive environment for someone who hasn't yet surrendered their life to follow Christ. It tends to produce either frustration (on everyone's part) or a false understanding of what a relationship with Christ looks like. Those of us who know Christ want to know Him more and obey Him, but for someone who doesn't know Him, the study and memorization we do as part of our weekly homework might reinforce a false mindset of works-based salvation. Our “Requirements” page offers suggestions on what to do for those who are curious about Christianity.

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If I’m not in a D-Group, how do I start a D-Group?

First, we encourage you to join a D-Group if there's one in your area (see our “Find a D-Group” page for more info). This will help you adjust to the structure and the expectations before launching out to lead your own D-Group. If there's not a D-Group in your area, you can contact us about starting one! We have a 6-Step process for New Leader Training to equip you with everything you need to know to start and lead a D-Group!

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What are the requirements for being a leader?

Our leaders must meet the 4 requirements of being a D-Group member, and must walk through our 6-Step process for New Leader Training before they begin leading. The process should be completed during the session (6 weeks) prior to the launch date for their new D-Group. Launch dates are listed on the “Next Study” page. New Leader Training includes a few videos, a brief summary of your testimony, a referral, a signed Doctrinal Statement, and a skype or phone call with a member of our Staff.

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How many people do I need to start a D-Group?

At least one, but no more than 12. We cap our groups at 12 members plus the leader (for a total of 13). A great size to start out with is 4-6 total.

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Are you affiliated with a specific church?

We are more of a para-church type organization, which means we are not sourced by the church, but we aim for the upbuilding of the local church. We love to partner with local churches and come alongside them in their efforts to establish a thriving groups ministry. For more information on our church partnerships, click here.

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Do you have a statement of faith?

We do! Here's a link!

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I've recently moved and haven't found my church yet, but I’m actively visiting churches and hope to join one soon. Is it okay if i join D-Group before I finish that process?

We understand that certain circumstances occasionally prevent people from being church members for a short time, and we want to respect the time it may take to locate the right church for you when you're in a new area. In trusting this season will be short for you, it's fine for you to join D-Group before joining a church. Sometimes other D-Group members can even help you in your search! In this instance, please be forthcoming and honest about your search, and keep in touch with your leader (if you're a member) or with us (if you're a leader) about how this process is unfolding for you. If you need help in finding a church, here is a link to an international church planting network we love: Acts 29 Church Planting Network.

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What are "Shares" and where do they go?

A “Share” is the $25 curriculum/class fee all returning members pay for each 6-week session. This is waived for all first-time members during their first session. Here is a further explanation of what happens with the Shares

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Are there Co-Ed D-Groups?

D-Group is mostly gender-specific. There are a few reasons behind that decision, three of which are:
A) Splitting genders helps guard against a “meat market” mentality, where people join only to find prospects for dating/marriage (instead of to learn more about God). It also helps us avoid the awkwardness or division that can erupt if a breakup or other relational difficulty occurs in a co-ed study.
B) Our topics and discussions are typically deeper than the average homegroup conversation, and they have the capacity (and intention) to create deep relationships quickly. Because of that, a co-ed group has the potential to create a variety of distractions and challenges that make focusing on God's Word difficult.
C) In many settings (and particularly religious or theological ones), one gender tends to drive the conversation. Either the women dominate the conversation and the men sit by passively, or the men talk and the women don't speak up. Dividing the groups helps us avoid that potential problem and gives everyone a place to speak up and speak freely.
In light of the above, we’ve prayerfully decided to begin co-ed married D-Groups for our Church Partner affiliated D-Groups. We want to provide an opportunity for husbands and wives to participate side-by-side in the same studies offered for same gendered D-Groups. We believe our Church Partner D-Groups will provide the careful shepherding required within co-ed settings. Please visit our Church Partnership Page for more information. 

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How do Men's D-Groups vary from Women's D-Groups?

All our D-Groups do the same study, memorize the same verses, and see the same weekly video content (delivered by a woman for the Women's D-Groups and by a man for the Men's D-Groups), and have the same weekly application steps. Because D-Group holds to a complementarian viewpoint, we want to affirm our position on the role of D-Group's leadership: The curriculum (including the weekly video and any podcasts or study materials) are simply tools administered by the leaders. D-Group is not affiliated with a specific church, and our leadership team has no spiritual authority over our members.

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