About D-Group

About D-Group

D-GROUP = Discipleship Group. 

We are men's and women's discipleship and Bible study groups
that meet weekly in homes and churches
around the world and/or online.

We exist to help people
and the God it reveals to us. 

Have you grown weary of surface-level relationships?
Do you want to understand and love the Bible instead of feeling intimidated or confused?
Do you long for community to challenge and encourage you in living out the Gospel?

If this is you, then D-Group may be the very tool God uses to lead you toward the growth and joy in Him you've been hoping for! 

What most people do when they recognize a need in their life is join a Bible study that focuses only on how to be a better version of themselves – a self-help study that fails to dig into the richness of God’s Word (or worse yet, is just a social club or gossip circle). Or they use a daily devotional at home, but find they’re missing out on face-to-face accountability and depth of knowledge in Scripture. 

Imagine yourself in a group that champions you as you learn and grow, where you can also build rich relationships with others who want the same thing. Imagine feeling drawn to Scripture instead of intimidated by it or resistant to it – and not only that, but imagine you can actually memorize parts of it for the first time in your life! Imagine yourself encouraged, prayed for, known, and loved by others in that group.

In fact, some people even refer to D-Group as “The CrossFit of Bible Studies”, because it develops strengths you didn’t know you had, because everyone is capable on some level, and everyone will be challenged. And not only that, but because of the great community we build by walking through those challenges together.

Our 6-week sessions include tools to help you know and love God more: encouragement, prayer, and a rich focus on knowing and applying Scripture.

If the only thing you get out of D-Group is to make one new encouraging friend, or actually feel a desire to read your Bible, or learn one new thing about God, it’d be worth it – because He’s where the joy is!

Don’t let another week pass where you feel distant from God or where you avoid His Word. Refuse to isolate yourself or keep your walk with God private. You’re at a decision point: will you step into the challenge and see what great things He has in store for you? Click here to join or start* a D-Group near you!

*We also love to partner with local churches, providing them with a ready-made format for intensive study to use as a part of their groups, women's, and/or men's ministries.

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1. Scripture as roots (2 Tim 3:16-17)
2. Community as fruit (Heb 10:19-25)
3. Bring your wins and losses (Phil 1:6)
4. Walk in the light (1 John 1:5-10)
5. Live beyond yourself (Phil 2:3)

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