Start a D-Group

If you're considering leading a D-Group, this 3 minute video might be an encouragement to you!

A. If there's a D-Group in your area: it's best if you can join that D-Group first.

B. If you're currently in D-Group: have your Leader fill out the New Leader Training form to recommend you as a Leader.

C. If there's NOT a D-Group in your area (or if you have a time conflict) and you're not currently in a D-Group, consider joining us for an Online D-Group: go here for more details!

D. If you're not currently in D-Group and the existing in-person/online options don't work for you: we'd love for you to consider starting a D-Group! We'll walk you through New Leader Training (NLT)!

NLT is our 6-step online training process which includes videos, a handbook, testimonial, doctrinal statement, etc. Most people complete all 6 steps of NLT within 3-7 days; it takes about 4-6 hours total.

PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning NLT, we recommend that ALL potential Leaders (even existing members of D-Group) review the 4 pages of our website that pertain to our Beliefs, Absolutes, Convictions, and Values. These will all play a vital role in the NLT process, and it's extremely helpful if potential Leaders enter into the NLT process with this information already in mind.

If you're interested in becoming a D-Group Leader, please fill out the form below and we'll email you with the your steps!

We begin training new Leaders in the month prior to their "Launch" date. To see our upcoming Launch dates, visit our Next Study page.

NLT dates for The Trinity, Session T2:
- NLT opens: 
Mon, Jan 10
- Last day to begin NLT: Wed, February 2
- Last day to complete NLT: Wed, February 5 at 6pm (CT)