Online D-Group

Online D-Groups are similar to the typical D-Group experience. (To see what a regular D-Group looks like, watch our Model D-Group Video.) We hope this will allow more people to join our D-Group community regardless of your location, schedule, or situation. We launch new D-Groups every 6 weeks, and that's when we open D-Groups up for new members.

We currently offer two types of studies via Online D-Groups:
- Option A: Standard D-Groups: These overlap with our standard D-Group study calendar (click here to see our schedule). This study will cover 2 sessions of 6 weeks each.
- Option B: Christian Beliefs D-Groups: This study is twice as long as our standard studies. It will cover 4 sessions of 6 weeks each. We offer it starting every 2 sessions / 12 weeks. Click here for more info on this study and its dates and times.

The info on this page is for those who want to do Option A. 
If you're interested in Option B, please click here.

How to join an Online D-Group for our standard study (Option A):

  1. Check the below schedule to see if your availability overlaps with our existing Online D-Groups. Please note whether the group meets in the AM or PM. All times listed are US Central Time, regardless of where the Leader is located.

  2. If you DO see a time when you're available, reach out to the Leader via email and let them know you're interested in joining their D-Group!

  3. If you DON'T see any overlapping availability, consider becoming a D-Group Leader by filling out the form on this page

  4. If you're not able or willing to become a Leader, fill out our interest form (Women's or Men's) and indicate when you're available to attend a D-Group (day/time/time zone), so we can try to meet that need!

Please note: If more than one option works for you, we recommend/request that you choose the group with the lowest number of members.

Men's D-Groups
- Sundays 12-2pm (1 members), Shawn Grothe:
- Fridays 6-8pm (4 members), Eric Samuelson:

Women's D-Groups
- Mondays 6-8pm (9 members), Lisa Baranoski:
- Mondays 6-8pm (3 members), Debbie Congden:
- Mondays 7-9pm (8 members), Colleen Polley:
- Tuesdays 8-10am (11 members), Cherie Cobb:
- Tuesdays 6-8pm (11 members), Beth Sidley:
- Wednesdays 9-11am (1 members), Allison Barnard:
- Wednesdays 1-3pm (8 members), Charlene Williams:
- Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm (1 members), Connie Boring:
- Wednesdays 6-8pm (8 members), Callie Summers:
- Wednesdays 6-8pm (5 members), Sandra Bowe & Phaedra Sirju:
- Wednesdays 7-9pm (11 members), Michele Anderson:
- Thursdays 6-8am (10 members), Lauren Mulford:
- Thursdays 6-8am (1 members), Shaileigh Page:
- Thursdays 12-2pm (7 members), Carissa Wadhwa:
- Thursdays 6-8pm (1 members), Ann Billo:
- Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm (7 members), Dori Garman:
- Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm (11 members), Salli Hollenbach:

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