Find a D-Group

Find a D-Group



I want to find a D-Group in my area:


 > See our map below. If there is a D-Group in your area, we'd love for you to join that D-Group before launching your own. 


There isn't a D-Group in my area:


 Consider starting one! Visit our Start A D-Group page to fill out the Leader Interest Form, and we'll send you more info on becoming a Leader. 


There isn't a D-Group in my area, but I don’t want to lead one at this time:


 Sign up for our Quarterly Email. We'll contact you 4x per year to keep you posted about new studies and possible D-Groups launching in your area!


I'm currently in a D-Group and want to start leading my own:


 Have your Leader fill out the New Leader Training form. (It's accessible only to current Leaders.)



1. Enter your zip code OR click the map to zoom in and search for a D-Group near you (for privacy purposes, we've only listed the nearest cross-streets).

2. Click on a flag and scroll down to get information on the weekly meeting day / time, as well as the leader's email address.

RED pins = Women's D-Groups
BLUE pins = Men's D-Groups

3. Email the leader to find out about joining their D-Group when the next session launches. The leader will email you our "Intro to D-Group" video, which includes all the necessary info about joining.

Click here to view D-Group Locations in a full screen map.