Interest Map

We hope this map will help you find others in your area who are interested in D-Group. If you see a flag near your location, click on the flag to see the email address of the other interest person, then contact that person about starting a D-Group together. They're waiting to hear from you!

If you want to start or lead a D-Group, but there isn't one in your area and you don't know anyone who could join you, fill out this form to be added to the map below. We'll place a flag at your location along with your email address, so others who are interested in D-Group in your area can contact you directly! 

If there's NOT a D-Group in your area (or if you have a time conflict) and you're not currently in a D-Group, consider joining us for an Online D-Group: go here for more details!

Red flags represent females. 
Blue flags represent males.
(D-Group meets in gender specific groups. Please only contact interested parties of your same gender.)

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