Although these are “secondary issues,” and not issues of life or death (our salvation), they are of critical importance for faith and practice. They strongly inform the way we view God, give counsel, and lead. While the majority of D-Group leaders affirm all of these convictions, there may be an exception who is not in full agreement. In that instance, we ask that leader to uphold these convictions in all D-Group related conversations, even if he / she does not personally affirm them. This involves agreeing not to teach or lead from your own convictions, but to humbly yield in these matters, upholding these convictions.

  • We are Reformed in our soteriology and affirm the accompanying beliefs. (Note: If you are uncertain what it means to affirm Reformed theology/soteriology, these info sheets are helpful tool in understanding the basics.)
  • We believe baptism is a symbolic, not salvific, act. (Note: We will not be divided by our varied opinions on credobaptism vs. paedobaptism, but will instead find unity in the belief that saving faith is a gift from God, not earned by our works.)
  • We are creationists. We believe God created the earth by the power of His word. (Note: We will not be divided by our varied opinions on when that happened, but will instead find unity in the belief that God is the Creator.)
  • We are continuationists. We believe in the ongoing gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • We hold to and lead from a traditional view of marriage (one man to one woman) and birth-gender assignments. Click here for more info.
  • We are complementarians. We believe God created men and women to represent different aspects of His character through their unique roles and assignments. These differences beautifully complement each other and work in tandem to display the glory of God and achieve the joy of those involved.

If you are a Christian whose views differ, you are welcome to join us, but with the recognition and acknowledgment that you will be voluntarily entering into an environment where beliefs are practiced as outlined above.