About D-Group

About D-Group

Have you grown weary of surface-level relationships?
Do you want to love stronger, deeper, and beyond yourself?
Do you want to grasp the meta-narrative of the Bible and see how it all fits together?
Are you longing for gospel-saturated community that will challenge and encourage you toward the Kingdom?

D-Group could be the very tool God uses to lead you toward the growth and joy in Him that you've been longing for!

"D-Group" = Discipleship Group. We are weekly in-home discipleship and accountability groups. Kind of like the CrossFit of Bible studies. In February 2009, Tara-Leigh Cobble launched the first of these D-Groups with nine strangers. Today, D-Group is a network of 200+ groups meeting weekly in homes around the world for encouragement, scripture memory, prayer, service projects, and the study and application of God's Word. While D-Group tends to be more challenging than traditional Bible studies, we believe you'll know God better and love Him more as a result. We also love to partner with local churches, providing them with a ready-made format for intensive study to use as a part of their women's and/or men's ministries.

Check out our Find A D-Group page to see if there's a D-Group in your area. If there's not one, but you're interested in starting one, fill out the form linked on that page to find out more about how to become a leader. New Leader Training (NLT) takes most people 3-7 days.


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