Upcoming Study

LAUNCH DATE: Sept 16-22, 2018 
STUDY: James (Session 1 of 2)

For the remaining sessions of 2018, we'll be studying James, accompanied by a workbook and podcasts by Jen Wilkin. Here are the components of each week's study that you'll complete at home before coming to D-Group:

  • Daily Bible Reading Plan: ~1 chapter per day
  • Questions: ~10 questions from the workbook
  • Optional Podcast: ~50 minutes 
  • Weekly Challenge: a practical response to what we've learned each week
  • Memory Verse: ~1-2 verses per week from the Sermon on the Mount

We open D-Groups for new members during Launch Week of each new session. D-Groups meet on different days/times, so you'll need to check our map to find a D-Group in your area that suits your schedule, then contact the leader about joining. That leader will send you our "Intro to D-Group" video, which is a required step before joining.

Your launch date will be determined by what day of the week that particular D-Group meets. For instance, if you join a D-Group that meet on Wednesday, your launch date would be the Wednesday of the week listed above.

Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2018 (James, Session 2 of 2)

2018 Schedule of Studies