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Have you ever closed your Bible and thought, “What did I just read?” Or maybe you've tried to read through the Bible in a year, but quit when it felt confusing or impersonal? Are you one of the many who has read through the book of Genesis approximately 20 times, but hasn't read anything beyond that? 
The Bible Recap is here to help! It’s a 5-minute daily podcast hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble. This will be her 10th time reading through the Bible chronologically, and she’ll highlight and summarize that day’s Bible reading in a casual, easy to understand way. The Bible Recap will not only help you read scripture but help you love reading it! 

You don't have to be in D-Group to do The Bible Recap, and The Bible Recap isn't required for D-Group members (though we do have lots of overlap). All you have to do is read the day's assigned reading (see plans below), then tune in to The Bible Recap each day after you've finished reading (see links below)!

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Please do not buy a Chronological Print Bible; it will likely be laid out differently than our reading plan. All you need is a regular Bible.  

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