Payment Info & Due Dates (Sept 2022)

There are 2 ways to make payments (credit/debit card or check). The type of payment you choose will determine what amount is due when. The due dates and cancellation policy are the same for both types of payment, but the amounts vary. Please refer to your specific payment type below (credit/debit or check) for instructions and payment amounts.  


If you are signing up after Feb 1, 2022: 
both the deposit and the second payment are due upon signup. 

If you are opting for the "land only" trip 
(meaning you will be purchasing your own airfare instead of having our tour company arrange it): please email to notify us. You will need to make the deposit when you sign up, but you will skip the second payment. You will also need to make certain to purchase flights that correspond to our arrival/departure times. We will notify you with our flight information after we have secured our tickets (usually 3 months prior to trip).

If you are rooming alone: there will be a "single room supplement" (usually $700-1000) added to your total cost.

Deluxe Hotel Upgrade: We also offer the option to request an "upgrade" to your hotel package. For 2 nights, we'll probably all be staying in the same hotels (in the 4-star range). For 5-6 nights, we plan to offer a limited, optional hotel upgrade to a 5-star hotel OR for suites in the standard hotel (depending on hotel availability and interest). For the Deluxe Upgrade, the difference in rates will likely be in the range of $650 per person. You can request this upgrade when you register and we'll assign those on a first-come, first-served basis.


TRIP: Sept 17-26, 2022
(Nov 1, 2021) Final Date to Register & Submit Deposit $500 due + 4% = $520
Second Payment:
 (Feb 1, 2022) $1500 due + 4% = $1560
Final Payment: 
(July 1, 2022): Balance due + 4% (total based on airfare, which will be determined later)
Estimated total: 
based on roundtrip with departure from DFW + 4% CC fee: ~$4,995+

PRIOR to submitting payment, you'll need to notify your bank or credit card company that you are sending a payment to Israel. The charge will be from "GTI Tourism" This prevents them from putting a "stop payment" on your account. 

Use this form to pay via credit card. Payments made via credit card require a 4% fee charged by the credit card companies, which does not count toward your total.

TRIP: Sept 17-26, 2022
(Nov 1, 2021) Final Date to Register & Submit Deposit $500 due
Second Payment:
 (Feb 1, 2022) $1500 due
Final Payment: 
(July 1, 2022): Balance due (total based on airfare, which will be determined later)
Estimated total: based on roundtrip with departure from DFW: ~$4,995+

Make checks payable to "GTI Tourism USA", and mail to:
Jacqueline Terrel
Attn: Israelux Tours
P.O. Box 9002
Houston, TX 77261

*Please note that your registration isn’t complete until you have submitted your deposit. If you fill out the registration form but we do not receive your credit card payment immediately or your mailed check within 7 days of your registration, your registration will be canceled and your spot will be opened for someone on the waitlist.

A late fee of 10% will be added to any payments received after the due date.

Deposit: Typically our policy is that deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (it can’t be transferred to other PEOPLE, but it can be transferred to other TRIPS - unless flights are purchased). However, in light of uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, travel restrictions, etc. we are temporarily allowing refunds, with a cancelation fee of $150, if the attendee has to cancel for any reason. If the trip is not able to continue as planned, we strongly recommend deferring your deposit to a future trip.

Processing fees excluded

From 150 days up to purchase of flights (usually 3 months prior):
-- $1000 per person non-refundable
After flights have been purchased up to 30 days prior to trip date: 
-- Full cost of flight + $1000 per person non-refundable
Less than 30 days prior to trip date:
-- Full cancellation fees will be charged