Christian Beliefs

Christian Beliefs (affiliate links: Amazon, Bookshop, ChristianBook) is one of the most beloved studies we've ever done in D-Group. In fact, it's one of the only studies we've ever done twice. Due to its popularity, we offer it as an ongoing option. This study covers 4 sessions of 12 weeks each (as opposed to our standard study length of 2 sessions of 12 weeks each). You may choose to do it as an online or standard (in person) option.

ONLINE D-Groups are similar to the typical D-Group experience. (To see what a regular D-Group looks like, watch our Model D-Group Video.) We hope this will allow more people to join our D-Group community regardless of your location, schedule, or situation.

STANDARD D-Groups who meet in person may also choose to do Christian Beliefs in lieu of any 2 other back-to-back studies in our schedule, since the study covers 4 sessions. If you're a current Leader of a standard D-Group who is interested in this option, please let us know

If you're interested in joining us to study Christian Beliefs:

  1. Check the below schedule to see if your availability overlaps with our existing D-Groups. We'll update the list below as more D-Groups are added each session. We launch new studies of Christian Beliefs starting every 2 sessions / 12 weeks. Please note whether the group meets in the AM or PM. All times listed are US Central Time, regardless of where the Leader is located.

  2. If you DO see a time when you're available, reach out to the Leader via email and let them know you're interested in joining their D-Group!

  3. If you DON'T see any overlapping availability, consider becoming a D-Group Leader by filling out the form on this page

  4. If you're not able or willing to become a Leader, fill out our interest form (Women's or Men's) and indicate when you're available to attend a D-Group (day/time/time zone), so we can try to meet that need!

Please note: If more than one option works for you, we recommend/request that you choose the D-Group with the lowest number of members.


- GROUP D: Launches Sept 13-19, 2020 / Ends March 21-27, 2021
     - None at this time
THUR 6:30-8:30pm (2 members), Lauren Mulford:

Launches Jan 3-9 / Ends June 13-19

     - None at this time

   - MON 6-8pm (13 members), Misty Cunningham:
     - WED 10:30-12:30pm (8 members), Britani Sanchez:
     - SUN 1-3pm (3 members), Debi Martin:

Launches Mar 28 - Apr 3 / Ends Sept 5-11
Launches June 20-26 / Ends Dec 5-11
- GROUP D: Launches Sept 12-18 / Ends Mar 20-26, 2022