Christian Beliefs

Christian Beliefs (affiliate links: Amazon, Bookshop, ChristianBook) is one of the most beloved studies we've ever done in D-Group. In fact, it's one of the only studies we've ever done twice. Due to its popularity, we offer it as an ongoing option. You can start at the Launch Day of any session (see below).

This study is twice as long as our standard studies:
- CB STUDY: 4 sessions of 6 weeks each (6 months total)
- STANDARD STUDIES: 2 sessions of 6 weeks each (3 months total)

- You may choose to do CB as an online or in-person option.
- You may choose to do CB in lieu of any 2 other back-to-back studies in our schedule.

Note to Current D-Group Leaders: Chrisitian Beliefs requires a 4-session commitment for you and your D-Group. If you're stepping out of our Standard Studies to do Christian Beliefs, please make sure to review the schedule to see which 2 studies you'll be opting out of so you can choose the optimal timing. If you're interested in the CB option, let us know.

If you're interested in joining us to study Christian Beliefs:

  1. Check the schedule below to see if your availability overlaps with an existing D-Group. We'll update the list below as more D-Groups are added. We launch new studies of Christian Beliefs every 2 sessions / 12 weeks.

  2. If you DO see a time when you're available, reach out to the Leader via email and let them know you're interested in joining their D-Group! Please note: If more than one option works for you, we recommend that you choose the D-Group with the lowest number of members.

  3. If you DON'T see any overlapping availability, consider becoming a D-Group Leader by filling out the form on this pageSee launch schedule below. Launches will only be available on these dates. 

  4. If you're not able or willing to become a Leader, fill out our interest form (Women's or Men's) and indicate when you're available to attend a D-Group (day/time/time zone), so we can try to meet that need!


Please note whether the D-Group meets in the AM or PM.
All times listed are US Central Time, regardless of where the Leader is located.

GROUP A: Launches Jan 8-14, 2023 / Ends June 18-24
GROUP B: Launches April 2-8 / Ends Sept 22-28

Launches May 14
- ONLINE 2:00-4:00 PM CT (1 member), Tiffany Holloway:

GROUP C: Launches June 25 - July 1 / Ends Dec 10-16
none at this time
- ONLINE 6:30-8:30pm CT (Full) Dori Garman & Erin Chain:

GROUP D: Launches Sept 17-23 / Ends Mar 24-30, 2024
none at this time

none at this time

If you'd like to lead an Online Christian Beliefs D-Group in 2023, WE NEED YOU!!
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