2019 Year in Review: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

As we finish up 2019 you have undoubtedly seen posts of people reflecting on the year and even the decade. It is always a good idea to take a look back on the goodness and faithfulness of God. In D-Group, it’s no different. We LOVE seeing how God has affected our lives and yours. 

This past decade saw the growth of D-Group as a full-time ministry across six continents, filling a need that so many people felt. This past year Tara-Leigh started The Bible Recap which filled another long-missed need as demonstrated by over 9 million downloads. In the coming year, TLC has also added a daily podcast called The Bible Kneecap for a nice pun on prayer. Find more info on The Bible Recap here and The Bible Kneecap here. Becoming a Patreon member and financially supporting these endeavors allows Tara-Leigh the freedom to further pursue how to serve the community by helping people know and love God more!

Have you been with D-Group since the beginning of the year? We’ve been memorizing the Sermon on the Mount since...a long time ago! We started Matthew 5:1 in January 2018. Memorizing Scripture has opened my eyes to so much of God’s consistency and faithfulness. I’m challenged and encouraged by these 3 chapters daily! I’d love to hear how The Sermon on the Mount memorization has helped your walk with Christ. If you like, you can share your story on Instagram and tag #ILoveMyDGroup and I’ll see it! 

We started in January 2019 studying the Wisdom of God guided by the book by Nancy Guthrie. Have you ever taken the time in December to go back over your year of Bible study notes? Take the time to do that and remember where you started with God and see where God has you now. How have you grown? How did the Wisdom of God study help? The very first challenge was, “What does God want to show you about Himself in 2019?” Did you find your answer? 

Beginning in April we moved on to Spiritual Warfare. After one weekly challenge, many of us were moved to incorporate fasting into our regular walk with Christ. There are so many good books on the topic. If you want to read more, I suggest A Hunger for God by John Piper. 

A highlight of the year for me was moving into the Sermon on the Mount study in the summer! After memorizing so much of the sermon it was a treat to hear Door of Hope’s series of sermons on the sermon. Sermons on the sermon. And an extra-bonus bonus was when our D-Group trip to Israel actually visited, in-person, the very Mount where Jesus first spoke the same Sermon on the Mount we were memorizing and studying. I can’t wait for my turn to go! Have you been Israel with D-Group? TLC and Moshe have a special message for you! In short, come!

We finished the year with a study in the book of John. What a treat! We were challenged to articulate what salvation is and why it is necessary. Maybe you’ve had more practice since then or have found a better set of words to explain salvation. Be sure to share it with someone today! And tomorrow! And next week! If D-Group doesn’t serve to draw people to God, then we’ve failed our mission. 

Speaking of our mission, D-Group exists to glorify God through weekly Bible study focused on 1) Scripture as Roots, 2) Community as fruit, 3) Bringing your wins and losses, 4) Leading with your junk, and 5) Living beyond yourself. If we’re only studying the Bible for self-improvement, we feel we haven’t fully embraced the relationship God has called us to. You can learn/share more about D-Group by reading this page.

Every week, we recite Scripture, pray for each other, study together, challenge each other, and grow together. We hope you have enjoyed this year and we look forward to spending next year with you, too! More than just fun, we hope the studies have been challenging and full of growth. 

We’ll begin 2020 with a great study on Apologetics, reading through Paul Little’s book, Know Why You Believe. I love this book and I hope you will too. This book comes out of Little’s personal experience answering questions that come up over and over as he evangelized some of the most intelligent and critical thinkers.

I’m really looking forward to studying Judges with Jen Wilkin. Much of the Old Testament gets overlooked and any time we can study it, it’s always an eye-opener! Jesus is all throughout the Old Testament and it’s where His teachings are rooted. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness so that we may be complete and equipped for every good work (1 Timothy 3:16-17). How will studying Judges equip you for good work? Let’s find out in April!

Toward the end of June, we’ll study Colossians with the instruction of our very own Mike Dsaneā —he’s one of our Prayer & Advisory Board Members and he’s also the host on our Prep Videos. This will be quite the treat! Our summer sessions always have the highest membership of the whole year, and we hope you’ll be able to join us then too! We’ll study what being in Christ means and how that affects our walk with God and with each other. We’ll also be memorizing a section of Colossians 1 that focuses on who Jesus is.

Finally, we will finish the year in Revelation. There have been so many fictitious accounts, pop culture accounts of this book: movies and novels, and inaccurate studies floating around that it’ll be interesting to see where my own ideas of the end times come from. I look forward to having these ideas straightened out for the glory of God. There are many differing views but we can still study and walk in unity. And then we’ll meet right back here to reflect once again on where the year has brought us.

No matter if you plan to study with us all year or only a part, know that we are praying for you and hope that the Lord guides you to Himself every time you seek Him. There’s no safer place for your soul than in His word no matter your circumstances. So join us weekly with D-Group and daily in The Bible Recap podcast. Don’t forget to plan to join a trip to Israel or a refreshing weekend with a D-Group retreat. Pray for us too as we seek to serve you this coming year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at D-Group!

For the Gospel,
Lauren Mulford
D-Group Theology Curriculum & Resources Fellow