Payment Info & Due Dates

There are 2 ways to make payments (check or credit card). The type of payment you choose will determine what amount is due when. The due dates are the same for both types of payment, but the amounts vary. (Payment Dates for April 19-28, 2018 trip TBD.)

1. CHECK: $1000 / $1500 / Balance (via check)

December 27, 2017 - January 5, 2018
-- Estimated total, based on roundtrip with departure from DFW: $4200
A. April 1: $1000* deposit due ($500 of which is non-refundable, non-transferable)
B. July 1: $1500 second payment due
C. Oct 15: Balance due (total amount is based on airfare, which will be determined later.)

Please make checks payable to Moshe Malka, and send them to:

Moshe Malka
P.O. Box 10132
Rosh Ha'ayin 48056

Checks can be post-dated to the due date, but should be mailed at least 2 weeks prior to the due date, in order for them to arrive on time in Israel. You will not need to fill out any international forms at the post office in order to mail the check, but you will need to use an International Stamp (approx. $0.49).

* Israeli banks do not accept international checks in amounts less than $1000. In order to make this form of payment, your deposit must be $1000. If you have to cancel for any reason, Moshe will refund $500 of this deposit payment. The remaining $500 is non-refundable, non-transferrable.

2. CREDIT CARD: $1000 / $1500 / Balance (via credit card) 

December 28, 2017 - January 6, 2018
A. April 1: $1000 deposit due + 3% fee = $1030 ($500 of which is non-refundable, non-transferable)
B. July 1: $1500 second payment due + 3% fee = $1545
C. Oct 15: Balance due + 3% fee

Use this form to pay via credit card. Payments made via credit card require a 3% fee charged by the credit card companies, which does not count toward your total. Prior to submitting payment, you'll need to notify your bank or credit card company that you are sending a payment to Israel. This prevents them from putting a "stop payment" on your account.