Leader Interest

If you're considering leading a D-Group, this 3 minute video might be an encouragement to you!

A. If there's a D-Group in your area, it's best if you can join that D-Group first.

B. If you're currently in D-Group, have your Leader fill out the New Leader Training form to recommend you as a Leader.

C. If you're not currently in D-Group and there's not a D-Group in your area (or if you have a time conflict), please fill out the form below to learn more about starting a D-Group!

New Leader Training (NLT) is a 6-step process (including videos, handbook, testimonial, doctrinal statement, etc.) which we conduct primarily via email. Most people complete all 6 steps of NLT within 3-7 days.

We begin training new Leaders in the month prior to their "Launch" date. To see our upcoming Launch dates, visit our Current Study page.

NLT dates for our Trinity: T2 Session
- NLT opens: Monday, January 15th
- Last day to begin NLT: Wednesday, February 7th
- Last day to complete NLT: Saturday, February 10th