New Session Launch: Romans 4

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May 14, 2017 to May 20, 2017

All Day


Join us as we study the book of Romans together!

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Each week, there will be a few components of the study for you to complete at home before coming to D-Group:

  • Read approximately 1 chapter in Scripture from the book of Romans.
  • Complete 1 chapter in Romans: Encountering the Gospel's Power by John Stott
  • Complete the Weekly Challenge, which is the practical application step of what we've learned each week.
  • Learn the memory verse. We'll be memorizing Romans 12 cumulatively, at a pace of approximately 1-2 verses per week.
  • We will also send out a podcast to listen to each week that correspond the section of Romans we're studying and John Stott's Romans commentary for deeper study. Both of these are optional and supplementary.

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